Airport Delay

Airport Flight Delay - USA version 3.2 available in Apple App Store.

Airport Flight Delay is a universal iOS app that provides information on the types of delays an airport could be experiencing along with weather conditions.

Flight delay is a universal iOS application that provides information by airport on different types of delays an airport could be experiencing, along with weather conditions (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Specific information along with a colored icon is provided on the type of delay (black - airport closure, orange - ground delay, yellow - arrival and/or departure delay less than 45 minutes, red - arrival and/or departure delay greater than 45 minutes, green - no delay, white - information not available or could not be retrieved). Note: The airport delay information is provided by the FAA ATCSCC and is general airport conditions it is not flight-specific. Users should check with their airline to determine if the delay has affected their flight.

This screen allows the user to delete and / or change the order of the airports in the list.

This screen allows the user to add an airport to the list. The user selects the airport from the list of valid airports on the left table pane. The table can be searched by airport name, airport code, city and state.

This screen the user has searched the table by airport code SFO. Also the user has selected San Francisco International Airport from the resulting list of airports.

This screen shows the newly inputted airport (SFO) added to the list. The airport delay information has been retrieved and San Francisco International Airport is selected showing the delay type as ground delay (orange), delay reason is weather / low ceilings with an average delay time of 40 minutes. The weather reported for the airport is also displayed on bottom right of screen.

Privacy Policy: This application does not collect any user data, there are no third-party frameworks used so no user data can be collected by any code outside of the application.

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