Applications developed by Digital Sadler Company:

Flight delay is a universal iOS application that provides information by airport on different types of delays an airport could be experiencing, along with weather conditions (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Specific information along with a colored icon is provided on the type of delay (black - airport closure, orange - ground delay, yellow - arrival and/or departure delay less than 45 minutes, red - arrival and/or departure delay greater than 45 minutes, green - no delay, white - information not available or could not be retrieved). Note: The airport delay information is provided by the FAA ATCSCC and is general airport conditions it is not flight-specific. Users should check with their airline to determine if the delay has affected their flight.

Check-list is a universal iOS app that provides information on each bird species in the ABA (American Birding Association) check-list version 8.0 July 2017 data.. Information provided on each species consists of family or group name, family scientific name, common name, scientific name, ABA code and a four character alpha code. The four character alpha code is based on The Institute for Bird Populations naming conventions not the USGS (United States Geological Survey) bird banding codes. The application provides different means to find information on each bird species. The user can browse in taxonomy order of bird species. Sort bird species by common name, alpha code or scientific name. Search bird species by common name, alpha code or scientific name.

Topography is an iPad app that can be used as a learning tool or as a reference for the basic feather groups/feather arrangement of birds. As a learning tool, the app shows multiple illustrations of a bird with lines pointing to the different feather groups or feather arrangement. The user can touch the Answer text at the end of each line pointing to the specific feather group or feather arrangement to show the name. To be used as a reference, there is a Show All Answers button which will display the names of all the different items which are named in the illustration. There is also a page with the definitions of each of the basic feather groups/feather arrangement items from the illustrations in the application. There are additional passerine and gull illustrations for a total of six screens to test your knowledge.

MultiCounter is a universal iOS application that allows the user to count multiple items in a pageable format. The count can be either incremented or decremented by a set amount and when the count is changed a sound can be played and/or the device can vibrate. The list of count items can be edited by adding, removing or changing the order of items. Each count item can be customized by its description, count number, if item is to be incremented or decremented, the amount each time to be increment or decrement. Also if a sound is to be played when the item is incremented or decremented and the sound to be played, the background color, if device is to vibrate when item is incremented or decremented. Notes can also be added to each count item. The application also allow the user to share the list of items, their description, count and notes by either message or email. Also the data can be copied to another application on the device.

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